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Chasing Time to change your mind

Chasing Time a poem enjoy
Can’t stop the cycle.
Then why we chase time of realty of madness. You want more and yet you give nothing. Pressing for goals of many disadvantage approval of the society. You are ready to lay your life on the line for others. The culture is unknown to you. As we lay in waste. Renewed by blood ties of strangers who take up arms to protect the innocence. Have I lost my way moving through the mudd. Glory is but mines driven by desires of a savage man who has nothing but the soul of a survival. Bringing many to their knees compassion has been overthrown by power. Who grips hold us tight. Twisting the minds of the sick having no mercy for the weak. Yet we chase the time of reality in despair of hope of more peace on the horizon. Dust in your eyes sand storms turning you in circles. The well has gone dry. Yet you ask for me for more time to come up with a goal of hope for a better future. Courage of the meek there are rules to be broken and riches to be made but at the risk of what? Material things gone lands destroyed. Life hangs in the balance. A saving grace is needed, and then time stops. Change of a vicious cycle repeats striking down the needy. Chasing time needs to change the reality and actions made on individual accountability.