Taurus monthly tarot reading January 2020

Taurus monthly tarot reading January 2020 post thumbnail image

There is a air sign sick and worried about you. This can be a gemini, libra ,or Aquarius.

You start out with the 9 of swords which is sleepless nights and anxiety that has you having an hard time starting off the year. You feel trapped with the 8 of swords but these are self imposed restrictions and this can also result from someone else doing this to you.

You regain control of your natural self 2nd week of January the Queen of pentacle is your engery. She is all about nature and becoming one with will help you and animals if you feel drawn to a certain animal that is a sign from spirit to connect more is has a healing aspect to it. Finically okay.

Mentally with the swords you have alot going on in your head about how things will turn out event that have moved to quick can be coming to the end with 9 of swords represent completions. Spiritual one that you may be going threw questioning your beliefs.

You may need to drink tea that has a calming effect to help you relax and release stress you may be experiencing this month.

The fool card is here a urge to take a leap of faith and start something new there is fear attached to this and a risk that should be advised but the most important message is to do it. The fool is gemini and aries they may give you the push you need to do it.

King of wands is an honest man and he likes to solve problem and this also represents an aries who may be assisting you in a creative project you like. This is about business going into business for yourself can be a-bit scary.

The month ends with the 3 of cups celebrating and happiness and joy will end it. You can be having a reunion with family loves ones. Or with a man or woman you really love. Someone may learn of marriage and pregnancy. Generally a good emotional feeling will enter your heart and you will have something to smile about.

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