Gemini monthly tarot reading January 2020

Gemini monthly tarot reading January 2020 post thumbnail image

You have an apology coming in from a fire so It could be a Sagittarius I want to say sorry and determined to have you there could be a Aries or a Leo it was a completion with this person. this person is determined to have you at any calls but the five or so short of this could be your energy I could be a Libra also or a Aquarius we had a nine occurs which represents wish for you. that’s going to make you very happy and for full filled. This is something that you work hard to achieve you have been waiting on this which probably has been from three months to three years.

then we have the justice card balance and karma happening with the universe. Libra is the sign you can be dealing with strongly. The five of swords represents a jealousy energy and also representing sign of a loss with a victory someone is a loser and someone is a winner it also represents that change in the a lot of changes that have occurred so the nine of cups is all about what makes you happy going after your emotional fulfillment you have the lovely Devine connections which is also about a choice of divine connection you could be doing it with a In 3 weeks of the month.

This is all about a love choice where you gemini has been the chosen One.


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