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Aries monthly tarot reading January 2020

We have the 2 of cups which is a partnership that is on your mind possibly with an cancer moon. The Queen of pentacle which is a Taurus person. This represents your stability and comfort. We have the 2 of pentacle which is balancing out your expense juggling management of money or two people. The king of pentacle which is your job or business and Associated with Capricorn. The 10 of pentacle a virgo rising energy. The faith card that represents Taurus engery again. When it comes to your life in January your are being asked to have faith about the person you love and the commitment your made to the one you love. This is a down to earth person very grounded and finically stable who is looking for long term relationship with you. If you marriage you can be making a decision to stay with this person. If your single if more about your money and seeing your hard work pay off you may have to make a profit and loss sheet to see where you can balance things out. Family support is there. This may be a virgo who may want to help you or an taurus in love. You may be the one saving for retirement and also sending your kids off to school college.

10 are about ending and new starts you can also be ending a long term relationship. A person choice to be with a cancer Scorpio or Pisces in love or not! This is about your values and what you believe in the faith to keep believing you will prevail. Being outside will feel beneficial to you. Your crown charka has a spark around it and an ideal about an project or your business will bring you money. This is a very particular true if your chart is dominated by a-lot of earth signs.