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Daily Dose cancer ♋️ December 19th 2019

The tower shocking totally events that take you by surprise someone has been waiting to reveal there feelings towards you an leo an aries or an Sagittarius. This fire sign is paying attention and wants to has this love with you the ace of cups is about new love and yet it is also a renewal of love that may totally surprise you cancer at how much you totally love this person.

What is coming is blowing your mind. If this is not about love and position this is your home matter something that changes your view and how you are seen people will fall in love with what you are doing fame is coming and it can be exciting.

Whatever your creative has brewed up in your mind and you have poured love into it is completely renewing you this is overwhelming yet wonderful you are magnificent right now. Jaw drowning beautiful and handsome. Try to be per-pared im sure the tower you may not be able to guess it this is scorpio engery uranus engery and the past can show up shockingly.