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Scorpio daily dose monthly December 2019 breaking all traditions

You have a lot on your plate. You have the 7of cups and this can be with the fact you have choice and dealing with a lot anxiety in you life and completion. With a Gemini possible and the fact your thoughts hunts you and you want things to love fast the knight of swords and actions and drama will surround. To go towards a Libra or a Taurus a relationship that you believe is the person who you believe is the empress of your life the man of your dreams but getting close to this person is not easy.

6 of cups there is someone from your past that one your thinking about this can be a child hood friend someone you miss and that you was fond of. This is about protection going out doing charity work and good acts of kindness when this card shows up. There has been or will be a lot of competition in the month of December where a choice will need to be made to win or walk away.

You have a lot of love and kindness happening. Reconnections maybe on your mind the universe hears you and will like you to open more and see what is being presented.