Libra daily Dose month of December 2019 walking into your dreams

You want to take control of your creative and the project you commitment yourself to will change and transform you as a person you have the death card here something is ending for you that is good.

Your situation is the star card and the 9 of cups and the strength you able to overcome ever challenge that is presented to you. New money inner strangers courage to take your place in the world. Being honest and able to solve problem is going to be to your advantage this month

The page of coin and the moon and the 2 of swords you have made a decision to move ahead without fear and chase the dream and confront your fears and go forth to what really matter to you a deep month and deep healing taking place for your soul and spirit something you wished for is coming togather and healing and you are getting all the tome to rest on it and feel good about the choice you have made to open up to intimacy.

Tarot love