Daily Dose Leo monthly December 2019

Standing up for your values has been hard but you must not give up. You have had hard time blocking people who felt they can just do what they please. You have your card in reverse meaning you just don’t have time for people lack of compassion towards you. There are serval things you are completing in December 9 of pentacle and ace of pentacle finically you should do just fine you can be starting a new spiritual journey. 4 of wands a new home maybe very important to you and what you will like to do. 9 of cups is about wishing being granted and this is also a card of having one to many drinks be mindful of your intake when it comes to celebrating but by all means celebrate you wins and your dreams as they are manifesting in the month of December.

A virgo can be helping or is on your mind a relationship and the wisdom you learn will help you withdraw from

Your health may concern you at this time get enough sleep will be important vitiams

Tarot love