Taurus monthly tarot December 2019

You looking at how to move forward and win a victory possible with a cancer and juggle this decision with managing you money hasn’t been easy. But you will get a lucky break that lead you to more finical comfort and stability as the outcome and take control of a relationship or work situation that has stalled you have an offer coming in that will change the dynamic of your life.

You have gather enough information to move ahead you have been planning and this is going to work out you may have had to watch something and now leaving the imbalance behind you and the karma is going to be the best thing you can do it could be a Libra that you was dealing with. Who watching your every move. Mentally you feel heart broken about this Libra and sadness and the emotional that have been pulled into this situation.

You question the love someone has for you and revealing your has been very hard finding emotional peace is coming temperance is scarf that says you will be supported in this decision and peace will ensure.

You may meet a Capricorn or an Aries who will offer to help you out but with this combination this is a man or woman of business and really know what they what this can be you and no longer taking little but Moore is the name of the game your business will get back on track to as well. You may been walking away emotionally from someone who has lack the emotional support you needed and your kids will be the light in all this matter at home you may have had to reach out to family and friends and even lost a job due to depression. The sun is in your home matter meaning whatever home matter happened good news is coming enlightenment is something that will put a smile on your face.

Enjoy the month of December 2019

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