Gemini monthly tarot December 2019

You choosing to love yourself in December after many round and ending with someone you love that ended toxic it’s time to recover from it all.

You may have been dealing with a Capricorn who on your mind and how they brought everything down and this has brought a shock to your system it’s hard to even think of how this happen but it was a Devine plan to teach you self love and release you from a situation that was binding.

In the past the person was mean and cruel to you and choose a new love rather then you. You may have given them the chance to court you but it ending in them ghosting you what this situation involves you leaving. You have wisdom to know the right boy way you win in December is by letting go of a situation that is a lose lose situation it can be with a Libra or a virgo. Action is required and movement is needed to get out of any binding contracts.

At home you feel betrayed and back stabbed or someone can feel this way about you a harsh ending 10 are ending completion and the a new hope arises and you been preparing to relocate and move a message comes in that makes you happy.

Towards the end you looking at how to manage you money and acts of kindness coming in it can be-with a Scorpio or a past life soulmate and the wheel of fortune is here and events are forever shifting this can be in your favor with a Scorpio as the death card is here a total transformation is occurring a ending for a new begin. The lover card ends it this is you a commitment and a choice is being made is it you delivering the news or someone else Cupid has shot its arrow and for some of you this is the past-returning brand new after many trails and error. Enjoy the the awaking you may also learn you are good at spells and also I that you are on a new journey in December fun time shrewd and eye opening revolution happening for you.

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