Cancer monthly tarot December 2019

You have justice coming in a legal karmic matter will be set right this is after someone has betrayed you 10 of swords they want to make it right it can be a Libra. What’s important a harsh ending brings you happiness and you will be proud of yourself from knowing the truth of the matter. This a Gemini in your mind or the fact or a heartbreak after someone couldn’t make a decision to commitment to you. You was waiting on the truth and you learned the truth of y’all matter victory and clarity was given to you. This can what is happening .

Cancer if a home situation was an issue for you then you will be getting a new home 4 of wands and the 3 of pentacle and the 10 of pentacle something is changing by New Year’s Day 2020. This may require you to put an end to the luau and move forward forward with the intention to have happiness in your life your family will support you and help you in December and it may just bring tears to your eyes and very helpful indeed to know you have this type of support surrounding you in the month of December.

You are walking away from someone that didn’t not fulfill you emotionally and walking into a wish when it comes to your home matter this star card is here so healing is happening in the him it can be with an Aquarius managing and juggling a decision to love will be very important and no longer being juggle but chosen is important here.

Soon enjoy me you not with is on your mind and the karma is being clear but you feel blind still and protecting your heart because it matter a how you will being loved and not betrayed but someone you choose to commitment your life to and dedication is being paid off.

Water will help you purify any heartache and pain you thinking about.

Lick is on your side in the month of December and you can’t go wrong. Good luck and black cats will-be very beneficial to you and trusting your own instinct as a cancer does will-help over come any harsh ship

Tarot love