Daily Dose twinflame energy 7th -13 2019

Daily Dose twinflame energy 7th -13 2019 post thumbnail image

You and the twin has the 10 of pentacle and may be involved and trying to build stability for the long term also ending long established relationship that done serve you both anymore. You twin is heart broken the 3 of swords is how they feel that this didn’t come togather. 9 of swords they worry and are afraid of how to approach you. Gemini showing up strongly here. They feel left out in the cold and possibly homeless and needing help. The want to come towards you with the 3 of pentacle could be 3 week of 3 months and be able to be more stable. What has to change is there deceitful ways so you can grow. The 10 of cups are what you both want.happiness and condemned but 10 are completion meaning you and you twin need to complete something if you have then they need to in. Order for you two to come togather. The lover is the future engery this is a Devine connection meaning there is a tough decision that needs to be made but it is one that can not be right or wrong but trust is need to be committed. The 5 of cups is where they are for the next week in regrets and hurt with a lot of love and not knowing how to heal the broken cups as depression has set in.

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