Daily Dose money 9th November 2019

Daily Dose money 9th November 2019 post thumbnail image

The stars are set to give you want you been dreaming about frame and stars. We have the 3 of cups. Celebration 🎉 yes around family reunions with money family can be involved with giving you money and gift for any celebration you have for most of you are being happy for getting the job offer. This is bringing money in the star card again with the 6 of wands. It a indication money is here can you dream your way to what you want the hard work pays off in a pay check and the star card say it is a wish and something you been wanting is healing and money is healing your life I believe it will and it can you may be the inspiration someone needs to get back up and get there ducks in a role to take the next big step. This is lucky 🍀 aspect to try your luck at gambling.

You may get lucky

Wild hearts this is the time

To try your luck and no risk no rewards.

Tarot love