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Daily Dose Virgo October 24th 2019 bond and released

You have the 6 of swords and then you have the devil which is the intention of this person. And the king of pentacle. Virgo by letting go of control and any bad habits is how you will gain stability and more control over your money and this can also be letting go of a Capricorn as well. This devil that in your life knows you want a new beginning and is obsessed with you and time is of essence when you will see you are not bond to them in anyway and 6 of swords someone is there helping you heal the mental issue and moving towards calmer place in your life peace and resolution are happening enjoy feeling serene.

Virgo you may have felt so trapped so long when the peace come you may not realize your out but you are and you can be determined to get you money in order. Enjoy you want to know more book a reading share okay have a lovely day.