Daily Dose Leo October 24th 2019 a moment in time

With the tower and the lover and the king of swords someone has made a decision you are the one they want. Legal things may be involved with a lover situation the home life may have been affected tower is awaking and warning of foundation that are not solid must fall to be rebuild to be stronger and this may have happen with a lover situation where there was a blow up. Clear the air. This can or could of happen in Gemini season its a Libra who is involved also a Scorpio the past. What is happening your words is being shook by a lover the attraction the soulmate the bond temptations to have to choose and make a decision.

Wildhearts so tile you have to live with your decision will it be love or a tower moment can you recapture the love again betrayal definitely had. It hand here Leo love hard or leave it all behind

Tarot love