Daily Dose Aries October 24th 2019

We have the 6 of cups with the 10 of wands and justice. Someone a Scorpio possibly wants a second chance. They been just thinking about you and wanting to just protect you and show you some type of active kindness their ancestors are speaking to you this could’ve been someone you go out with a you guys just have fun memories and this person really wants to be way too,and have-a reconciliation with the 6 o’clock showing up at Vantage it so you do have some type of protection, and harmony if someone is feeling very nostalgic about you really want to reconnect again because they find you as a gentle place. The 10 of wands shows overwhelming feeling and burdens about this person it can also be them wanting to help you with your responsibilities and help remove some of them from your plate. With justice being in a place of benefit it can be a Libra who wants you a marriage happen a final decision about a divorce or someone wants to marry you. Justice shows up to give you what you deserve how have you love Aries?

Wildhearts the circle of protection lies in our heart where we place it on the scales and bring truth forward so we may regain peace

Tarot love