Daily dose twinflame engery this is the month of October 2019

Lover is the strongest indication of this bond that has captured your heart and soul and the resilience you have maintained threw the seperation. What is currently affecting this bond in October is finical discipline and the detemine to create the finical outlook you hope to achieve it could be that someone is focusing on how to manage your money. Love and health all are at play. Compassion will definitely be involved to love and lead your heart back to it center space.

A Capricorn can bring looking at a Gemini or and a leo who do they make a final decision to be with any sign can be making this choice as a decision is needed to be made her someone has resisited the connection for a very long time and money concerns has even driven you to apart. Young or older who are you choosing and are you choosing for love or are you chosen comforts what does your heart tells you.

Tarot love