Daily Dose weekly Taurus 23-30 September 2019

You are faced with a decision with an earth or air sign that really broke your heart to stay or go in the end you will listen to your intuition to guide you through this moment all pentacle cape up page and lucky offer the 2 of pentacle managing your money and time and the knight of pentacle with the 7 of pentacle for many of you it’s you cutting your losses and taking up something new or realizing a person who broken your heart will never change and this can be your own son with the Sun card in reverse.

I feel this weekend you will go through some sadness 3of swords about a separation that has already happen and having issue separating yourself from it this person which can be a virgo or Scorpio or an air sign can very very be returning it can also be a Leo. This may happen in Leo season this what this Pisces has done in that time or the events that happened what is must important take your time now it not the time find what makes you happy even though it’s in reverse the Sun says it coming if you can feel it. With the 9 of cups this is about your wishes what will make you happy 😊?

It’s okay to morn a lost from someone you love just don’t stay there to long.

The deck I’m using is called legacy tarot


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