Daily Dose Gemini weekly September 23-30 2019

You are moving away from betrayal from must likely an Aries or an Capricorn who has had a child on you or left you when you needed them the most this hasn’t been easy but in the end you will find abundance. Battling with yourself is almost over and the addiction you have or they have had on you to break free from a karmic bond your new beginning is here and this card also represents starting new journey you have wisdom now and you understand what needs to be release this week. Peace and harmony are important to you and a ending to a harsh situation is over.

Love it as you regain you crown and adjust it remember Wildhearts how beautiful you are through the pain as it is assured your bounty is coming in. Patient is message but the opportunity presents its self to step out of faith.

This deck I’m using is Legacy tarot

You can apply this to your Sun sign moon sign Venus rising.

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