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Daily Dose September 10 2019

We have the lover card here that is talking about choices in love that needs to be made some can be about do you want to keep trying to invest in this love or is it time to make a more solid comment to yourself and really look at what love has to offer you. This can involve two people where the ways of the youth no longer serves you on this org of what you want. Rather you are looking for someone who is mature wise and grounded. Yes the time has come to figure out what are you building your life and relationship goals on and do they inspire and help you grow and see things from all angles this is something to consider and give thought to. Moving in together can be a discussion or moving on this is really about what can your heart take or no longer stand is the other person willing to change look at things differently. Your voice matters have you looked to see if what value and boundaries needs to be looked into further?

Wildhearts there are times where we know it’s time to head in a knee direction although it can be the same relationship things may just need to be refunded a bit more.