Daily Dose unexpected August 28 2019

Daily Dose  unexpected August 28 2019 post thumbnail image

Today is a day to not engage in bullying or people who treat you bad. The emperor has came up in reverse and this is someone who is abusing there power and it can evolve a boss a father or a spouse who just doesn’t want to change or listen to you side of the story or issue. You may feel powerless. This is not true this is someone who can help a Leo possibly and this about getting your confidence back and winning a change in how you approach the problem present to you will require you to believe in your self and the ability to create.

8 of cups is meaning some of you will walk away from the tyrant that has caused you more then enough issue. This can be with a fire sign or a water sign to many emotions not having your needs meet and just unhappy where you life has taken you.

You are protecting you heart from a cruel person who seem to make you not get involved protection is called from and this can be about an Libra as well feeling unbalance and not really sure if you can see the truth and if you where to live what is on the other side

The Queen of wands is this you realizing you can have what you want with passion

Enjoy Wildhearts this is only the beginning enjoy being you as we are all created different

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