Daily Dose of love and relationship August 28 2019

There is a shared disinterested in a union with the lover today making a choice to really decide what is different about you and the one you love will mean the difference of walking away ghosting Someone who has really have gained the wisdom to listen and come to a comprise is strong in today engery. There is drama knight of swords and gossips happening and slow moving events that work at your nerves and this has been a lot to take in the delay has caused you a major headache nothing is being revealed yet beside going with in and take each day one step at a time the Hermit card we are dealing strongly with virgo and Gemini who are both ruled by mercury. Which mean communication will be the reason you come to gather or not.

Wildhearts thank you for all you support today isn’t a easy task but it is one that requires reflections and enlightenment of what has been going to slow and why.

Tarot love