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Daily Dose weekly Aries ♈️ August 22-29 2019

You stand to hold your secrets close of you have fears they may be reveal at the full moon in virgo the moon card is here in your advantage point you should hold you cards close to your heart.

You expect a completed transformation in your life or dealing with an ending or Scorpio. Something deep has occurred that change the way you view life and your self.

The queen of swords is your benefit so getting a lawyer will help with any legal matter you have also there is help from the universe here to assist you and this is about you making a head over heart decision you will not allow anyone pull a fast one on you as you have survived a lot Aries good for you.

The unexpected is either a Sagittarius showing up someone younger then you the knight of wands action movement even homes is something you are considering. This is about you moving ahead. Picking yourself up after life toughest blows you will and can do this. The advice card is moving fast and quickly with this decision and secret you hold close to your heart and your confidence level is at an all time high. Winning and victory express yourself we like to hear you when your ready.

The outcome is the 5 of swords this about winning out over the competition and you have done that but with that has came a loss as well take back your power.

The advice is heal from the separation. There is but an ex is making you an offer you will keep something to yourself and see how this plays out.

Wild head enjoy