Daily Dose virgo ♍️ weekly August 22-29-2019

Daily Dose virgo ♍️ weekly August 22-29-2019 post thumbnail image

You have the advantage to completely transform a situation just the way you like it this Pluto energy coming it a Scorpio could have your back and want to transform a situation with you but you have just level the playing field for you over the next week yes indeed. The death card and a major arcana in your position gives you this advantage.

With your expectation you know you are dealing with adversaries and they are nasty and mad you have taking it all. This is someone who is ruthless is this you virgo who has taking all. 5 of swords said you may have loss something to only regain your power back.

This is why because the emperor another major arcana in the benefit for you a boss a dad a spouse has your back and a plan to see that you will. This person has been planning things or this can be you finally speaking your truth and that rebel spirit you have has some people afraid to approach you. This can also be an Aries or you may have been dealing with an abusive person and now feel of the headache.

Unexpected is a cancer showing up and someone is revealing there feeling and ready to make an even stronger commitment to you and this connection there is a lot of love can you feel it. The next right of action is the lover card a Gemini another strong indication of someone who only has eyes for you…. can you see them? They are looking right at you.

A choice is you action who are you giving your heart two and what choice do you have to make ? Will it make you heart content the lovers says yes.

The outcome is the queen of cups an scorpio but those feelings you was hiding or someone was trying to keep under wraps are coming up to the surface. This may all come out around scorpio season and you may have been dealing with this issue since Aries season whatever it is true love is finding its kiss.

The advice management your money and loving what you do and an offer is coming in that you completely love. This can be an job or love opportunity.

The message is your gonna love this one

Wild-hearts enjoy

Tarot love