Daily Dose Taurus ♉️ weekly 22-29 2019

Daily Dose Taurus ♉️ weekly 22-29 2019 post thumbnail image

You have keep yourself trapped way to long to a situation or person who has lied and cause you lots of sleepless night.

The 8 of swords saying that you can walk away if you chose but the mental anguish has made it hard.

You are expecting sleepless night and you are worried someone has taken something from you money love stability. This may have been a twin flame or you home has been in constant concern for you.

The benefit is either a Leo or you don’t realize how strong you are and the inner courage you have will Carry you to the finish line this week.

Unexpected money management or time and resources. The 2 of pentacle. The next right of action is to ground yourself the Queen of pentacle what do you need to do to feel good about your self.

The out is the 7 of swords and the king of pentacle. This is either you or someone else lying about the money they have to sneak away. Or abusing there position and power. This can be a boss you catch in a lie.

The advice is someone is heading for a tower moment and the truth is coming out in a shocking way that someone may very well has been giving to two places or things this can be a Capricorn as well involved here.

This is about you emotional peace and with the temperance card here it means there will be a peaceful resolution and someone will have to balance the sales financially and cleat there karmic debt with you. 6 of pentacle. Harmony will be restored.

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