Daily Dose Gemini ♊️ weekly August 22-29 2019

Daily Dose Gemini ♊️ weekly August 22-29 2019 post thumbnail image

The first comes out and guess what it is you showing in full effect. Gemini its a major arcana you stand to have it your way when it comes to love.

This is about a choice a decision and you attraction to someone you love.

This is the lover card what will you do and who will you choose experience or youth the decision is yours and needs to be made or risk losing both opinions this is your advantage. Take your time make sure it right.

10 of wands says you need help and you also need to release a burden and you may be having back issue or concern ask for help.

The benefits is a cancer or a commitment for you someone is expressing there love that they have hidden so long for you have you crack up the crab and now they are ready to tell all.

The unexpected is someone has been watching and taking notes gathering information on you enough to move you forward has this been you and now you are ready to shoot those email text message make those phone calls to the one you adore on the apartment you love or the job you been wanting. It here and success is yours.

The 6 of wands shows you will be recognized for your hard work and you deserve every moment of praise. This can be a Leo coming in also expressing that fire you desire. Let your self out and have fun in the action area Leo season is your time to be recognized. Move ahead…

8 of wands a Sagittarius sending you love message wink …wink … success manifestation is happening at rapid speed are you ready for what you been wishing for?

The advice is not to feel sorry or sad for what has been lost there is still a lot of love there but someone feel the pain and understands they have hurt you and you can very well be falling in love with a new job home or a Pisces knight of cups says it is a time for romance dates and have fun Gemini about time.

Wildhearts enjoy

Tarot love