Daily Dose Capricorn 22-29 2019

Daily Dose Capricorn 22-29  2019 post thumbnail image

You are looking at the past about if you should give a person you was with who you separated from who possible broke your heart a second chance there is no money or growth in this it could been new.

You have the 7 of cups too many options and some illusion around a decision and a choice that you need to make it may be emotional and you hoping for a new beginning the fool card to initiate something new with a Gemini or Aries however with the 10 of pentacle coming up in reverse you are not willing to invest long term in this.

You are manifesting out of the blue and it is working the magician you will this week will have power to it and you will create what you desire action and movement and Tavel is on the cards and your outcome is the 4 of cups an offer but you feel disappointed it’s not what you hope it will be yet you will get only what you feel you deserve. This can come from a younger Sagittarius.

Wildhearts enjoy

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