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Daily Dose cancer ♋️ weekly August 22 -29. 2019

Cancer your expecting a heartbreak or separation. In your mind possibly with an air sign Libra Gemini or Aquarius. What is happen this may have already happened in the past but it is still on your mind. 3 of swords is Saying it was a hard parting of ways. No need to be fearful.

Your have the will and power to create what you want rather that be money love business or peace of mind. The truth. The magician is a card that day trust in your abilities this week to do such.

You have an an offer of love page of cups something you will love or spending time with your kids and seeing what they love will be very nice. This is the benefit

The ace of swords comes unexpected the truth and clarity what you have been so unclear is happening this week ready to speak yours? Try it out for size victory is here.

Your next action is to look at things differently because there is something you may need to let go of and look at differently and surrender to the journey can’t control everything allow people to make there own choice hang them self remain in control of your emotions.

The ace of pentacle is saying the money you need will come in and you be happy a job new clients business and something is being handed to you. This you outcome solid offers. New beginning lots of yes.

The advice card is management your time and money well. 6 of swords mental peace and guides to help you peaceful environment. 6 of pentacle more give and take equal somethings stress needs to be release ask for help cancer.

Wildhearts enjoy