Daily Dose ♎️ Libra weekly August 22-29 2019

You are in a pickle this week and it makes a lot of sense that you will have a hard choosing most desired one. So charming and wonderful.

So Libra we have your position being the queen of pentacle are you dealing with a Taurus you love and want but most important making you are being taking good care of and natured.

The expectation is a toxic person returning or breaking free of a situation you feel pulled and trapped to the devil is here and the attraction drives you crazy hard to resist I say. The benefit is the 4 of wands stability and early rewards. Some of you Libra are dealing with your twin flame and a karmic situation and trying to figure out which is true is going to have you in a pickle.

The reason I express this is because the 4 of wands represents early rewards dove mate for life and a pure intention with this love.

The unexpected is some passion gets ignited and you off to new things and lots of sex be-careful if you you don’t want a baby….

The magician is next you are powerful this week having others doing you bidding however with the best intention I hope you have learn grown from past experience as the hermit is the next call to leave when things are just getting good because you are afraid of intimacy.

The outcome is to go within only you have this answer to who do you choose and no one else the hermit is wise and you may be dealing with a virgo as well seeking to withdraw instead of engage.

The advice is love and more and more love until you can’t have no more love. You have the lover cards with the 2 of cups. Of you with the one you truly love and afraid that it may not be real. One is a soulmate and the other is a twin flame can you tell the difference if you have to choose check me out for a private reading because you have or they have a karmic in he picture.

One word of advice you want to believe this person is bad and it may just be your thoughts are killing you and this is the one for you

Wildhearts enjoy

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