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Daily Dose collective message August 11th 2019

The moon card is here and you have been doubting things and given up on your dreams. This is saying don’t give up on your dreams. This is. Full moon energy sending the right intentions out will help as the full moon approaches this is mars in retrograde. Which you have a self defeating attitude. Time to try again if something didn’t not plan out the way you wanted it to. Some has prevent you from seeing clearly and only when you face your fears can you master yourself. How are you feeling what is making you behave differently then normal. Review your thoughts sit and really consider what you are sending out that gives you nightmares. Have you had time to check all your methods?

Where is your courage and trust that there are risk and rewards you may not see everything right now but your dreams may be hinting to the future and what can become if you commit yourself.

Wild-hearts when the darkness clouds your mind and fears are more then you can handle try remember things that made you happy and not sad, this will help you and overcoming what seems to be hidden yes you are different yet this apart of the illlusion created embrace your creative side