Virgo Daily Dose August 10th 2019

If home has been a concern there you will find yourself feeling good and comforted by your love ones. This is peace happiness and contentment. The 10 of cups is the message and it is a beautiful one. Some virgo may get a surprise apology from an Sagittarius who had been feeling your cold shoulder yet they are determine to battle again maybe you are blocking this person for now because you happiness and sound mind is important to you. There is a lot that is happening.

A liberation is coming the Sun card also represents your health returning if you struggled with that. This is about you being able to go outside and play let that inner child out that you keep hidden from people as this will be very Contagious. You will light up a room. This is Leo season has a Leo caught your eyes has something been explained that helps you understand where your happiness lays.

I have the king of pentacle showing up you are disciplined enough to make your business grow determination is happening some of you are dealing with a happy home with the 4 of wands and some early rewards for your hard effort the king of pentacle is a generous man. A business man and know how to stay steady you can sit back and enjoy what you worked hard for. This card represents Capricorn. You may feel great about the way things are that are occurring today, hopefully this last alittle longer. Someone has been worried has it been you about a celebrating a reunion your name being praised. Don’t be you deserve every bit of what is coming towards you. You are the knight of pentacle you made the plans and has shown the seeds to get here.

Wildhearts when things start to change and you can see the light the dark doesn’t seem so dark anymore. Have you open your door yet and pierce into the distance congratulations your deserve it.

Father Time has his hands on your life and you grow golden as the years passes and the smile brighten from lesson learned which will always remain timeless wisdom that can never be replace by stories by only experience. βœπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’‹πŸ‘£

Faith is something we can see we must experience it and although things may not been shown to you it’s this sense and knowing you will be happy that will light your way remember it only requires

your belief don’t stop now!

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