Scorpio Daily Dose August 10th 2019

Scorpio Daily Dose August 10th 2019 post thumbnail image

You are either dealing with an Libra or an indecisive person who has been blinded by the devil an Capricorn or working situation that they can’t see a situation is toxic they will like to reach out and make you an offer but there emotions are off and unable to trust the situation. You may not be sure if you should offer your hand as you may feel this person is toxic and work it what holds you up unable to make a decision about someone you admire will be on your mind today and it’s so many people who wants to win and advance on you air signs have it out for you and really feel the sting you have stung them with your words hurt but it’s only because you need to know where do you stand.

You want to reconnect to someone you love 6 of cups an ex that is hard to get over a virgo a younger water sign. Or a Libra someone has made a decision for today this cycle has ended but are you or them willing to reopen the gates to a balance give and take relationship where is was strong feeling good karma and act of kindness. Someone is playing with another feeling but I don’t believe it’s you.

Wildhearts what do you do? When the person you want seem so far a way. Yet love is timeless and unconditional. Timeless lesson learn when you twin flame doesn’t even know you exist.

The greatest thing about love is it transcends time that in itself is golden. This love experienced is like none ever experienced it will remain timeless

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