Sagittarius Daily Dose August 10th 2019

Sagittarius Daily Dose August 10th 2019 post thumbnail image

The 2 of swords protection of the heart and blinded and bound by a situation. This is the 8 of swords and the devil togather something is loves you and wants you to stay trapped or stuck to them but after a few nights of thinking feeling left out in the cold and not being able to reach out to family and friends you recover.

The ace of swords shows up and cut right to the heart of your discontentment about a partnership. This is someone you looked about as a soulmate someone you loved. Strength is Leo card you may have been dealing with or an Capricorn some may have been dealing with a Gemini or an Libra.

Some of you felt a missed opportunity with this situation or person an job opportunity. Realistically looking at this problem you realized this person didn’t not have good intentions and only wants to keep you stuck and bond to them with the 8 of wands showing up as how you shall come out victorious and successful and manifestation and love arrow with began to come your way. You have resisted the devil the toxic person and being bound by sheer will power and inner courage you have seen what this person does to keep you right where they want you the truth and clarity is coming and be thankful for that as you will be able to free yourself with just this.

Wildhearts there is a nothing more confusing then a confused heart when you know what you want and the direction you going it is easy to hit the target m. Get ready and aim high because x marks the stop rather that is in business love or friendship ship your honesty and strength has been admire you have faced your demons and have succeed.

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