Libra Daily Dose August 10th 2019

Libra Daily Dose August 10th 2019 post thumbnail image

Well you would show up in your reading justice. Balance is restored and this is the way you like it peace is happening you are looking at a situation from a fair point of view and it is good. This is karma justice or legal justice that makes you very happy. The star is coming next you need this rest period after an hardship and it is being granted. This is also you may be meeting an Aquarius who will make you feel a new found passion this are turning around ace of wands this is a new passionate start home kids cars moving. More sex please why not. Some one has the hit for you and it looks to be a Taurus with the queen of pentacle here you comforts return. Taking time to make yourself feel nurtured if you have neglected that part of yourself go out in nature and get grounded stability is returning to your life. Being a star this can also bring love.

Someone regret not revelaing there feeling 5 of cups and 5 of pentacle lots of change queen of cups an Scorpio or Capricorn holding onto you not letting go as saying sorry.

Where you are looking at your heart what does it tell you moderation is need to balance the thoughts and emotions.

Wild-hearts it feels good when you have been wrong and finally someone see it from your point of view and willing to change to heal the situation. This then is only then when a true new beginning can happen have you healed the past to go into the future it’s time.

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