Leo Daily Dose August 10th 2019

There is an air sign possible Gemini who is worried about you and you may also feel trapped. 8 of cups you Leo it feels like your searching for what will fulfill your heart the 8 of cups doesn’t mean a relationship of a job is Necessarily wrong it just not giving you what you feel you desire and you Appetite may be big it’s your season happy birthday. There may be an earth signs that feels left out in the cold by you and this can always be vice versa. The ace of pentacle showing up so many solid opportunities around you which will you take the breaking free from mental anxiety stress sleepless night cancer season may have brought with those lunar and solar eclipse if it’s a commitment you want it can be happening also With cancer is showing up show with either a renewal of a old love and partnership. This is of rekindling of some short, but there is a possibilities that this season the choice is yours! who you choose to stay ,or go will ultimately be up to you. Yes! Yes!

If your money has been effected in anyway someone Most likely the universe is looking out to see you have some fresh new starts. this is happens in your life there area that stand out the most are your money and love. This is the theme for you today. Getting relief is near! keep going steadfast and kind compassionate leader you are strength is your byline today with courage to withstand anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Now it’s time for them to hear you roar speak and direct events into you favor.

Wild-hearts the hearts sometime just want a little time to play let it out and watch how it swells from all the arrows of love being shot directly at it.

Leo you have you days cut out for you make sure who ever is on team Leo makes the cut and is just as loyal true and compassionate as you.

Golden hands make for timeless effort can never be replace by moments of temporary pleasure. Keep smiling ,

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