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Capricorn Daily Dose August 10th 2019

Some Capricorn are dealing with an overwhelming situation that requires patience and faith about an marriage and order and restrictions. You may be married to an Taurus or you are reviewing what you believe in what has change about how you view institutions. The 8 of pentacle some are you are going to be picked to have an promotion at the job if you have been doing the work time to put your best foot forward and show them you are dedicated to getting the job done this will require you to take on more responsibilities you got this Capricorn you rule big corporations. 6 of wands is all about progression and being acknowledged for your hard work you deserve it dust yourself off and get back in the game. You may be dealing with an cancer or Pisces but secrets are being revealed today hidden fears and illusions that has clouded your mind for far to long 6 months possible. You have a friend it may be an Sagittarius who will be a huge support to you and help you remain balance and negotiation are apart of this engery make your needs know to your angels they are listening. This is emotional peace being reclaimed as well a total balance in within you. You have totally transformed from who you was when you started and the ending is coming maybe by Scorpio season you will be wrapping this up your comfort will return and you will start to enjoy being outside more. Action swift and well planned to start again.

Wildhearts when things are reveal that you feel could change everything there is a weight lifted off your shoulder and now you can move ahead towards the future because there are no more skeletons in your close to prevent you from heading to what you truly desire