Taurus Daily Dose August 2019

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The message what your thinking about is how you can protect yourself from an lier someone who has stolen your peace of mind. Having faith that a situation. That has become bored can be reviewed this is asking you for order & stability you been keeping it all in now it is time to release then recommit to what has been emotionally unavailable. This is the wisdom and intuition you have gained and possible a cancer can help you someone who view as mentor and wise. You that can be a priest and pastor someone who know how faith works that changes things around for you.

There is a commitment you have been looking at a marriage and what it means to be married? do you continue or do you change the way it going. What will be the rules of engagement to be with you your spouse what value do you remember and which has validate you or disowned you has been set forth as something to live by.

What is in your heart you holding on to be faithful too?

Tarot love