Gemini Daily Dose weekly monthly August 10th 2019

You have something innovated brewing inside you ready to take action and show the people how you can make things work better when you express your emotions. Gemini your emotions are asking you to go deeper and reveal the love you hide this is the queen on swords its a Scorpio or cancer that has you thinking hard on a decision that needs to be made maybe your dealing with an Aries or Leo possible an Sagittarius. What I see is this is your choice and the 2 of wands says it’s opinions that sit right in your face both are delicious and offer different delights. One love the other passion. Which will way will you go only you can experience this by this moment of a choice you may be face with this choice in two days or two months from reading this? The cards are suggesting you lay down your burden your very successful but it is weighing you down 10 of wands and Saturn test also what your soul has sign up to agree to complete is it a contract that needs to be broken and is love something soft and tender is what you are seeking you already know in your soul who and what will bring out the positive traits you have and not the negative ones.

Gemini be careful and just cautious as an Capricorn will make you offer and like to start new but you may feel like the bond is to toxic and or if you have been waiting to be free from a Scorpio to go to Capricorn it could be a fresh start happening after only laying down the burdens and choosing to go one way or another.

Enjoy letting go rather then holding on it will be good for you.

Chasing love and chasing your mind will drive you crazy it looks good but how does it feels at the end of the day when your drain have you consider your feeling and how you body has been responding to this stress release.

Wildhearts take what love is free flowing and meant to go out to come back in. Golden and timeless welcome open hearts and healing into your world

Tarot love