Cancer Daily Dose 10th August 2019

Cancer Daily Dose 10th August 2019 post thumbnail image

Cancer you have it and it’s shocking now I don’t know if it’s you another cancer. But the tower is all about shocking events happening this is definitely happening with a partnership or a spouse an institution that has there sights set on you and loving you and this is going to shake someone foundation it was meant to happen the tower card is a wake up card when you need to know how to build solid friendship and a home which you rules and speak the truth even if it hurts. This may be past engery about how something ended with someone who has secretly held a crush for you longer then you realized has it been you we have a Taurus here who is having faith this relationship will continue also a Pisces. You may finally reading waking up with fresh new eyes it’s time to move forward and no matter which direction it the right direction this is towards two love a soulmate.

With the two of cups coming up and the moon card in reverse it getting revealed and it is shocking but this look like a good tower as the ace of pentacle leads you to your destiny. Money from out of no where opportunities present themself to you. Are you ready and have you make that emotional decision to move forward even it it’s alone. No fears you have been going back to dreams child good dreams what are you remember cancer?

Is this with another water sign. Your kids can be involved in you making this transition to the next level cancer keep believing anything is possible this is alittle of Uranus engery here.

When in doubt do nothing it coming but nothing like you expected but it what you heart been calling forward will you remain stubborn or will your heart melt and bring love in for once and allow it to a wrap you in it’s present. This also about loving yourself you are important do those things that makes you feel good

Wildhearts love and joy should be your beeline meaning anything that doesn’t represent this or your highest good remove it like a cancer in your life. Only good should be allowed in to flourish and this is your time Golden and timeless with a cherished ❤️ heart

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