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Daily Dose weekly financial and money advice August 6th 2019

There is a business man in your arena you may meet and help you build your financial pro folio. If it’s you then you will take a smart risk that has been well planned out that will lead you to financial abundance. This is the message of the card.

The wealthy man is something who works in the business for the self maybe this week you about to go ahead and start that project website or business as the timing is right. The advice is that you must release yourself from an mind-frame if feeling trapped to an agreement that no longer serves you to see your money grow you may have limited ideals that keep you from moving ahead in the direction you want as the imprisonments card showed up.

this card is a challenging card as the action that must be taken as it shows you are in a environment that restriction you from making a decision that would benefit you and anything from a marriage a job and court orders that has made life hard to become financial independent. How will you remove these blocks may very well lay with someone who is older and mature and has been there before and when they where in a limited position such as you feel now. The mature woman speak of someone who brings pleasure and joy and has influence in your life choices when it comes to how you deal with money among another limiting beliefs that you are stuck in this situation forever which is not true. Grandmother a mother a god mother a sister and cousin a woman you respect can help you offer you support ease your mind and listen to your concerns about the restriction in your life concerning money.

The outcome is beautiful at end week. Why because the community card comes up meaning the support you will have will be ongoing and you will gain more and more as be can relate and understand you and you feel like you have found you place in the word which will only add to the abundance you will receive never lose hope as one area is causing you concerns you seem to have such many people who will support you and help you when it comes to money matters. All you have to believe it. Change your thoughts and make one well thought out plan to get you moving in the right direction financially.

Thank you wild hearts for all your support.