Daily Dose of daily unexpected August 6th 2019

This is major or something that compelling in your thought that has you question a connection that may have even been a karmic lesson. It is because what was happening. Was the lack of kindness and understanding afraid to share in emotions and unable to make a decision has left you thinking what is this really? When you get there and you realized this was a soulmate and that you have traveled this journey to love your self and go for what you really want someone maybe be viewing you in completely different set of eyes and love and there engery is shifting from karmic to soulmate. Someone has graduate from this toxic ties that bond them and is able to replace them with healthy boundaries understanding communication and how effective it is when approach from love and joy anger. For the unexpected is you love someone more then you realized in the past of them you but do to many interference that has never been able to be expressed. What is unexpected is through these conversation you have you realized someone held you in high esteem and do to this how they operated has shed light on this trying time why you and them couldn’t get along. For some it’s the fact that they feel you may have loved a past lover more then you loved them and due to the lack of admiration. They believe you never truly loved them but another secretly and for someone this may very well been true. But as clarity would have it you may have tired everything in your power to your understand this but when things are hidden and not discuss you are operating with limited information that keep you in the dark, but this is also deeper then this because only through these uncomfortable moment has you or someone realized they where truly dealing with an twin-flame and one was a soulmate and making out who or what was what you wanted was hard there will be a piece of information that comes out that point you in the right way as hard as this might be. This will be your signal to move forward with your final decision on choosing where to invest your time and love.

Remember wild heats we are Golden and our smiles will remain the same timeless.

There are things that change only change or improve by constant work and when you want something or someone to change you must first lead by example and do the work and they must choose the same route if not then you have done your work. Team& time upgrade your thoughts in mind to do not harm or cause to casualty.

Tarot love