Daily Dose of twinflame weekly engery july 30th August 4th 2019

This engery follow prefectly into the eclipse season which has a effect of 6 months and all the planet’s that has been retrograde.

You and your twinflame has the world card tells me either you are completing something major or your twin is in order for yall to come into union. You can be dealing with any fixed sign. Scoroio, Aquarius, Leo, or Taurus this is the strongest enegry and these are the signs who are either waiting or finishing up cycles and closing chapter in there lives to get closer to you.

This week enegry says that they are balancing there money out 2 of pentacle. The lesson this week to take your time and plan and it requires patience it coming in slowly ofcourse.

The is a big indication that in order to be more close to the one you love and desire is communication make it fun light and laugh. You wilk benefit fron talking to each other more and expression is apart of this journey it will improve in time.

Once you have master the art of expression there will be less worry for you both less sleepless night and a real sense of peace of mind.

To help you both become strong this is a real need to either speak to a professional counselor. Someone who can understand your that you are both looking for emotional comminment as this rules cancer and before cancer can truly comminment they need emotion comminment. You may have an cancer and Virgo as a twinflame here one who is slow to open up and tell you how they truly feel. Speak up it will help.

To win your twin flame over you must let go of the internal conflict of anger and making issue where there is none. Also fight for what you want in a creative way 5 of wands is highlighting a need to win and two many people around you are the one to stand out.

Your twin is advising you they are waiting have either been for 3 weeks or 3 months for you to say something let them know you care. This week. It seems you are two but if you both are waiting and no one is speaking up who will know that there is a opporunity to honestly discuss your love and concerns.

This is what you can do to help them along there path. Be clear about what you want. A brilliant moment a thought will strike you this week and you will get it. And make contact this is truth and clarity is happening this week.

Enjoy your weekly message love birds

may you find your love forever evolving and growing into something truly beauitful.

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Wildheats we are golden and our smiles will remain the same timeless.

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Tarot love