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Daily Dose of healing July 30th 2019

When you can accept that you can be happy with yourself and no one has the power to steal your happiness this when you will be enlightened and you will find the sun. Your light will return and you will be able to shine a light into dark place that you have fear to accept until now. This has been a journey past illusion that has keep you confused on how to love and receive

and give to yourself. You have much to be thankful for every individual is different yet it is this very aspect that makes you special and bright. Healing heart break and seperation can takes years. This is deep internal longing to understand why it even occurred in the first place. Not able to accept it has ended ib betrayal leads to mistrust of self. What are you not accepting that keeps you in internal pain and from the light. What illusion have you created that has allowed you to stay in the dark and tell yourself its okay. Its not okay you was hurt and its even okay to feel the emotions of things that you can not accept as okay. But you must allow your heart to accept this truth to heal.