Daily Dose message collective July 31st July 2019

I love how the cards matches the engery of the new moon.

We start with the Ace of swords. This is a swift brilliant truth and that moment that everything just clicks inside your head about how you build your money and your life and this all start with your thoughts. This is also where you find peace.

The 6 of swords is saying this resolution you been searching for is coming travel and peace is your to have you deserve it all this peace is yours and your spirit guides are here letting you know it will all be okay. Just fine is the name of the game this is where you will find peace and this is what is needed.

This is the queen of pentacle what are you leaving and building to help your family to progress in life this represents Taurus engery value love Venus rules this sign love and comfort is what you value. This is all about getting out and you going to find yourself feeling good

Tarot love