Daily Dose General collective message July 30th 2019

We have someone who is being cold and will cut off you off if the truth is a lie. This card invloves an Aquarius and this is also someone who may be seeking a disvoce as well. Male or woman. Someone has had enough of lies and know what heart break means. This person will listen yet don’t be fooled by the the ear for comfort as this someone who has no issue with going at it alone. This is the secret of the queen of swords. So the main concern focus around being honest this will set you free well anyone is not listening to things that a full of crap. In your mind you feel In trapped the 8 of swords. Self imposed prison. Where such lies has you in your mind. This is saying you can walk away from those lies that has been told to you and mentally cut the cord. You insight is key here. What you are leaving behind is lies theft and robbery. People who pretend to be your friend, and have your best interest at heart are no longer apart of the picture. You are also changing your method of how you interact with other which will only serve to delivery you good karma. The advice is that acts of kinds and people that you feel are your soul tribe is coming in to the picture in the future and 6 of cups is emotional and the past coming back in a good way to help you along the path kind words charity work is also apart of your future. In today enegry what makes you feel good and how can you simply give back to your community. Sometimes it is as simple as picking up trash making the scenery look better to all who looks or visit your home. The outcome is further indication of celebration and reunions happening this will give you a sense of community and welcome all The pleasure to be apart of something wonderful. Action is required for intention makes all the difference today the 9 of wands. He has a plan and gets back up after life defeats. What goals will you like to put back in play. Is it simply laughing alittle bit more and having for once your humble heart be recognised for the good spirit you are and what you have done for other to better the whole. Definitely alot if admiration and collaboration happening expect new instruction.

Tarot love