Daily Dose of love July 28 th 2019

Daily Dose of love July 28 th 2019 post thumbnail image

The devil card is saying you meet your shadow and now learning how to work through those fears and this is attachment and addiction. Sometimes when you fear things you tend to cling tighter to them making hard for love to flow and this is something you are looking into what are you afraid of losing that you are holding onto for dear life. This card show that once you gain awareness of where the obsession is coming from you can now fix this issue and begin to work on how you can become one with yourself. This is a daily practice and it will require work maybe just a minute a day to tell yourself what is for me will be with me and what is not for me will leave me. This will help ease the anxiety you are having about changes you are having and fears of loss love and other things that are affecting your second chakra with is based in your emotions and what you tie your heart too. These are things or people and object you find it hard to do with out and how you identify with yourself wholeheartedly.

Enjoy the message Wild hearts

May your heart beat for the best life has to offer.

Remember we are Golden and our smiles will remain the same timeless.

Tarot love