Daily Dose of healing messages July 28th 2019

The 6 of swords shows up saying that you are being guided to a better choice and you may not see this choice. Someone around you do maybe even you kids things has been choppy due to the eclipse and Uranus will square the sun and this is always a shocking events right before the new moon be flexible with what ever happen and remain calm as you are being guided and help is with you. You may not feel this help and you may even have some nervous feeling but this is all about the message you sent out into the universe have you been asking for a change in your circumstances. Sometimes they are delivered in a way you least expected and changes the direction in your plans. These changes are always for growth and development to your highest Good. It’s like if you don’t like people who are wealthy yet you want wealth you have to change you internal thinking and wants to match your desire intentions are real and the message sent really makes a different on what happens and the response you have to events that are occurring around you. If you have been feeling complacent about your life this is a good jolt to get you heading in some direction and making a decision you may be concerned about who will be left be hide this is also you letting go of karma and the contract that is over. Resolution are coming in. Being protected is of course the day theme.

Enjoy wild hearts the card I used was from a deck I purchased called the oracle chakra.

Remember we are Golden and our smiles will remain the same timeless.

Tarot love