Daily Dose July unexpected July 28th 2019

The 9 of wands shows that there is still a lot more to do don’t lose focus or give up. This is a card that represent Sagittarius. With the emperor card showing up in the present it’s about reclaiming your authority and the will to pick yourself back up. Don’t let the nay sayers hold you back. Change your tactics if you have to and keep going the emperor is the boss that rules his castle with an iron fist are you ruling your kingdom your home in a stubborn way? Have you let someone exert there power and position in your life. This person may feel sorry for what the have done we have someone here who is not willing to give up on there dream with the 10 of cups a happy family happiness and contentment. Is the bigger picture here. Don’t lose faith in what motivates you. This will be a gentle reminder to keep pushing and keeping the to the top. Adjust if need but don’t think for one second this is not what you deserve because it is. This is the fuel you need. Yes it has been hard but only equal

Tarot love