Daily Dose of healing July 25th 2019

Daily Dose of healing July 25th 2019 post thumbnail image

We have the Goddess Saraswati the Hindu Goddess. This is the Goddess Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Ried

The goddess of mastery she is advising you to come in and her area is of arts and languages, music, and poetry. To commitment to yourself are you able and willing to go the distance.

Mastery only occurs after dedication to immersion after long period of effortless knowledge.

This is asking you to put your mind body and spirit into learning the art what ever that may be to you. Bring it to full maturity.

This is where you will become a true master of the art.

Whatever you love it means there is more to learn and this is the true secret to mastery. You will enjoy every moment of just how delightful it can be.

This is how you heal by mastering your emotions, but in order to do it you must first feel it put your mind Body and spirit into it

where it will help you emerge

Remember Wild hearts we are Golden and our smiles will remain the same Timeless

Hug to you Wild-heats once you understand this lesson that you never stop learning you will smile

Tarot love