Daily Dose of twinflame 25th 2019

There is a need to grow with your twin flame and growing pains hurt a realizing how much time has past and how stubborn one has been to this connection has really played apart in your separation. Here it’s a element of surprise that pops up and so much needs to be discuss communication can come in the form of messages on phone calls secretly desiring to express how they have matured with Saturn sitting here some have past the test of time while other have more to go and many things to reveal the moon advise of emotions that are hidden and tuck away safely afraid of pain and hurt longing to be closer to you they have to make a sudden move towards you. Which may even make you think what have taken you so long to realize this connection. Only time can heal wounds and no amount of distance can mend that only time. Be gentle to yourself and see your twin is maturing and learning life lessons that can only turn a rock into a diamond. Keep shining your light healing is needed and it shall be coming slowly as Taurus rules the tired and true and with a new twist to things Aquarius. Are you ready to be reinvented.

Published by Nisha

I'm about love sacfice surrender patient and care.

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